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ECU Remaps.

The power and fuel economy of your vehicle can be enhanced or boosted in about an hour by remapping the settings on the engine control unit (ECU). By overwriting the vehicle ECU default map with a remap, which is programmed to enhance the car’s overall performance, you’ll experience an immediate improvement in the speed and power of your vehicle.

Stage 1 from £199.


DPF Software* Removal - £50

The diesel particulate filter prevents harmful emissions but it can become clogged if you only do short trips. If you are using the vehicle off road and have the DPF removed then the ECU needs reprogamming.

Adblue Software* Removal - £50

AdBlue systems are complex, with a high failure rate, requiring – at minimum – partial replacement of an already costly system. Furthermore, if you run out of AdBlue fluid while driving, the vehicle enters limp mode until it is replaced. However, under current UK law, we can only delete the AdBlue system only if you do not intend to drive on public roads.

Egr Software* Removal - £50

Exhaust gas recirculation is used to reduce emissions, but this can cause carbon deposits inside the engine, and will reduce fuel efficiency. If you intend to use the vehicle off road then you can have the EGR valve removed by a mechanic and we will reprogramme the ECU to stop any engine warning lights.

Speed Limiter Removal - £50

Many vehicles come with a speed limiter due to varying market restrictions across different countries. We can disable this limiter and allow your vehicle to reach its true top speed.

* Please note; these solutions are for OFF ROAD USE ONLY. They are software solutions and not the physical removal or disabling of these functions. Regulation 61a of the road vehicles (constructions and use) regulations.

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