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Increase Power and Performance of Your Engine

Through our Proprietary Cleaning Process, we optimize engine performance to save money and extend life.

We Keep Top Notch Materials

Highest quality materials provide highest quality products

About HHO Carbon Clean Systems

HHO Carbon Clean Systems can perform hydrogen carbon cleaning on any gasoline or diesel engine, whether mobile or static, removing carbon buildup on a wide range of engine components. The use of hydrogen carbon cleaning has been proven to reduce emissions and is recognized around the world as a clean energy solution.

How It Works

  • HHO Carbon Clean Systems uses distilled water and electrolysis to produce Oxyhydrogen gas, which is then introduced into the air intake of the engine.

  • The reaction during the combustion causes a phase change in carbon deposits, returning to a gaseous state, which is then expelled through the exhaust system.

  • HHO Carbon Clean Systems uses no harsh chemical detergents or solvents during the hydrogen carbon cleaning procedure.

  • HHO Carbon Clean Systems will remove built up carbon from internal engine components, including pistons, cylinders, turbos, EGR valves, catalytic converters, diesel exhaust filters, etc.

  • Our hydrogen carbon cleaning technology can also prevent carbon buildup if performed as part of routine preventative maintenance schedule.

  • Old or new, our engine carbon cleaning system can produce significant results including restored performance, increased fuel economy, and lowered emissions.

  • No invasive engine tear down required. No oil change needed after the service.


If Your Engine Is Experiencing Any Of These Issues, We Can Help…


Carbon Deposits In Gas Engines

When carbon builds up in the combustion chamber, it can increase the engine’s compression ratio, as well as the risk of hot spots forming. EGR passages and valves become blocked with carbon deposits as well as intake valves and manifolds.

This can damage the engine and cause multiple drivability issues.

The engine not only loses its power, becomes sluggish, and possibly stalls, but also experiences a significant loss in fuel mileage.

Carbon Deposits In Diesel Engines

In compression ignition engines, carbon deposits travel downstream to the DPF, DOC and SCR filters causing all sorts of after-treatment and performance problems.

These issues will cause loss of power, expensive repairs, and downtime resulting in lost revenues.  A preventative maintenance plan designed specifically for your engine, equipment, and machinery can stave off issues caused by carbon buildup in your fleet.

What Causes Carbon Deposits?

  • Fuel contaminants

  • Excessive load on low revving engines

  • Short trips

  • Excessive idle time

  • Faulty Emission control systems

Why Do I Care About Carbon Deposits?

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